Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Purrfect Mess Up

Neon stormed down the stairs.
"Something's wrong." said Purr, staring at her sister in the dorm below. "It doesn't usually sound like that." Thumpty-thumpty-ba-bam! "Ah!" Purr screamed as she jumped into her sister's arms.
"You're weird." said Meow.
"Purr, Meow, we need to have a talk!!" someone banged on the door. Purr grabbed Meow and dove in the closet.
"We are not, uh, here right now. Please leave a message after the beep. BEEEP!" Meow said.
"Stop playing and open up this door!!!" Neon shouted.
"I said, we are not here...." Meow said, sounding frustrated.
"SHHHHH!!!" Purr said. "She'll find us."
"In fact, yes." Meow giggled. Purr put her hand over sister's face.
"Shut up.." she said.
"Open up!! I have to kill some cats now!!!" Neon said.
"Hey, Neon, do you like tuna?" Purr said.
"Duh. Who wouldn't?" Neon asked.
 Purr got up and told her sister to stay. She opened the door and threw out a tuna can. Neon was chasing the can.
"Sweet move." Meow said.
"Shut up. Why did you give an unfinished piece of work?" Purr protested.
"It was done. She must have dropped one of the pieces of paper, by accident." Meow said, leaning against the wall.
"OH NO!!" Purr said. "That paper! We need it or we will get an F!" She grabbed Meow, swung open the door and pushed her out first. "We need to find it."
Meow ran down the stairs. "Ahhhhh!!!!!!" Meow screamed.
"You little--!" Neon said. Purr ran down the stairs with the paper.
"Here, Neon, here!" Purr insisted. "Take it!" She thrust the paper at Neon. "Now, come one, Meow, let's go!" she grabbed Meow and ran up to their room and smashed the door behind them.
"Purr, Meow, you're both dead to me!!" Neon cried.

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